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Marketing Campaign


Queensland Walks is a community based non profit that advocates for better walking infrastructure so that more people walk. The organisation is run by volunteers who have a deep interest in active transport and improving the health of the community through walking. In 2019 Queensland Walks were seeking to increase the awareness and community engagement with their 'Walk at Work Week' initiative. The initiative celebrates and encourages walking in and around the workplace, creating a positive and engaging conversation about walking and walkability of environments. The initiative is free to participate in and provides many physical, mental wellbeing and social benefits to staff and their work teams.

Michelle was invited to assist Queensland Walks and their partner, 10,000 Steps to work on the campaign and provide general marketing guidance and advice. The campaign had no budget so all advertising and promotion needed to be organic or pro-bono.

The Work

Michelle worked with the Walk at Work Week team to develop a plan and a variety of campaign materials including media releases, social media posts, campaign emails, flyers and brochures and advised on the development of a new company website.


The campaign resulted in 77 teams with 700 team members across 33 different Queensland postcodes signing up to participate. Engagement was considerable with daily photo sharing on Queensland Walks Facebook page generating 170 photos shared by teams showing how there were adding more walking into their work day. The success of the campaign resulted in more people walking at work and contributed to raising the profile of Queensland Walks with key government stakeholders.

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