Digital Service Delivery 

In health and community services organisations, digital transformation is driving new ways of working, improving efficiencies and delivering better patient-centred care. 

The current pandemic has meant that the benefits of digital health services have been highlighted among mainstream audiences, and virtual or telephone consults have become almost the first line of contact with most health service professionals. There may be a tightening of requirements to provide access to these services, but the online video consult genie is definitely out of the bottle.


We have considerable experience establishing virtual medicine services and can help you:


Develop service strategy for multichannel services

Develop branding and external communications

Develop internal training and communications.

In addition to generic video consultation platforms like Zoom, there are a variety of safe, high quality health video consultation platforms which can be used for online consultations. We can provide advice and assistance with the selection process so get in touch to discuss your needs.

Project Snapshot

Launching Back2Work video call

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 4.23.27 pm.png

Opportunity: The Better Health Generation had plans to add new digital channels to complement health services delivered in person by allied health professionals.

Role: Marketing Strategy, Marketing Plan, User Guide, Video content.

Outcome: Launch of Video Consultations to Employment Service Providers and their clients as an alternative to access appointments with allied health professionals.