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Brand and Marketing 

Wade Marketing works with purpose driven organisations and not-for-profits to grow awareness of your brand and achieve your financial goals.

We have deep experience in developing marketing, membership and communications strategies, retaining and attracting new funding and/or members and engaging effectively with key stakeholders. 

We work with social enterprises and not-for-profits of all sizes and stages of growth. Whether your are starting out on your journey to make a difference or have a well established not-for-profit brand, we bring experience and expertise that will ensure growth and long term sustainability.

Project Snapshot

Heart Foundation Walking Marketing and Community Engagement Workshops

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Opportunity: Provide Heart Foundation Walking Stakeholders with marketing and community engagement information and ideas to assist with walking group recruitment.

Role: Workshop presentation on Marketing and Community Engagement.

Outcome: Educated workshop participants on marketing and community engagement activities they could implement to recruit new walkers to their local groups and raise awareness of Heart Foundation Walking.

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 How to write a marketing brief

Before you commence work on any brand or marketing project, whether it's being created in-house or outsourced, its good practise to write a brief.


A good, well thought out brief is essential to making sure the everyone is clear on the project deliverables, increases the chances of all expectations being met and fundamentally leads to achieving the desired project goals.

Grab a copy of the 'tried and tested' brief template we have developed and see how you go using it for your next brief.