Market and Customer Research

Undertaking research and gathering insights on your market, audience segments and competitors is key to effectively positioning brands for growth.

This information is often not obtained on a regular basis and it is essential for strategic planning, service development, service delivery and customer experience evaluation.

We can help with desk-top, quantitative and qualitative research and analysis. We take a brief to understand your research needs and based on the scope of the work, provide a recommendation on the appropriate research method and sample size. For large projects, we may introduce a trusted partner to assist with the participant recruitment and research process.


Once the research is complete, we'll analyse the findings and data, providing a summary of insights in a format that suits your needs.

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Project Snapshot

Primary and Community Care Services Customer Insights

Opportunity: Obtain feedback and learnings from customers of PCCS services.

Role: Develop research questions, Undertake phone interviews, Deliver results and analysis.

Outcome: Delivered customer feedback and insights that could be used to develop value propositions for services.

Is your marketing strategy relevant and aligned with business goals?