Do you need a brand, marketing or communications strategy to guide business growth?

Wade Marketing can assist with identifying the type of strategy required, and work alongside you to develop relevant strategies for your business and services. 



Brand strategy is a plan for the ‘systematic development of a brand that aligns with business strategy’ (Marty Neumeier). Brand strategy generally informs marketing and communications strategy and marketing plans.


Our process for developing brand strategy includes internal/external analysis, developing brand identity (architecture, value proposition, symbols), defining implementation, metrics for evaluation and ongoing brand management. 


If you’d like to chat about reviewing your current brand strategy or developing a new one, get in touch and have a look at further information about our brand services.


Marketing strategy is the marketing logic by which a business or service hopes to create customer value and achieve positive customer relationships. Or as Mark Ritson, a leading authority on strategic marketing would say, it’s about three things:

Which customers are you going to target?

What is your brand position to those customers?

What is your objective with those customers?

Our process for developing your marketing strategy will cover identifying your current brand strategy/positioning, market orientation, research and analysis, market segmentation, targeting, positioning and developing metrics for success. If you've done some of the research recently, we'll do our best to use what you have and fill in any gaps. It's important all of these elements are considered to determine the best overall strategic marketing approach.

This strategy forms the basis of your marketing and communications plan. Once the strategy is finalised we can assist with developing a plan that will include tactics that should be implemented to deliver value to the target customer and achieve your marketing objectives.

Finally, there is COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY. Check this out in our communications section.

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Project Snapshot

Marketing Strategy for fwards 

Opportunity: Launching and establishing a new brand and technology solution designed to improve the wellbeing of shift working health professionals.

Role: Marketing Strategy, Marketing Plan and Tactics for launch, Ongoing Advisory role.

Outcome: Launched the first release of the fwards app and achieved 120% of target registrations through a mix of social media and PR activity.

Brands we've been privileged to work with

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Are your brand and marketing strategies still fit for purpose?